The Economic Freedom Network Asia (EFN Asia) is a network of research institutes, influential think-tanks, and individuals. It aims to promote the benefits of a free market economy, strong civil society, and individual liberty which together enhance human development and economic growth in Asia.

Founded by the non-profit Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in 1998, EFN Asia is built upon a clear vision of a liberal world and a free Asia. It plays a key role in the Foundation’s effort to help individuals fulfil their potential and create open societies.

EFN Asia provides a platform for political dialogue, public education, and academic exchange in order to broaden public policy debate and inform people about the merits of a free economy and civil liberty.

Since its inception, together with local and international partners, EFN has organized conferences and workshops across the region. It brings together political decision makers, economic policy advisors, and the general public to explore relevant current issues, analyzing economic development from an Asian perspective. These ideas that build and strengthen economic freedom are disseminated to a broader audience.